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User Agreement

After registration in the System the User gets access to his/her Account. The User can operate personally using his/her Account as well as instruct the System to execute operations with their Account automatically.

System indicates in the Account the information necessary for the replenishment of the Account and for the withdrawal of Funds from the Account.

The User is responsible for paying commissions and service fees related to the transfer as well as assumes the risks of indicating an incorrect account details.

The Account is considered to be replenished when the corresponding amount of money enters the current account of System or when a corresponding message appears in the System wallet about receiving not less than 10 (ten) confirmations.

The System commits to receive Cryptocurrency items from Users, keep them, keep a record of them, execute transactions and provide them to the the Users upon their request.

The System keeps a record of the funds transferred to the Account and does not keep Users’ money. Money transfers during the Account replenishment as well while executing Deals between the Users are carried out by third parties (aggregators, payment institutions and other facilitators). The System is not liable for actions of these third parties.

All Account operations are carried out at User’s request. The System does not accept orders on carrying out any operation with the User Account from third persons except otherwise is stipulated by the Agreement or other agreements between the Parties.

All the Funds placed on the Account belong to the User. The System cannot block Funds on the Account without the order emitted by the User as well as can write-off Funds only in cases stipulated by the Agreement.

To withdraw Funds from the Account, the User has to fill the corresponding form in their user panel. The User will get a message to the email address indicated during the registration process asking to confirm or to deny the withdrawal operation. In case the User denies or does not confirm the withdrawal, the Funds will remain in the Account.

In case if the User discovers suspicious transaction activity, including but not limited to unknown deposits and withdrawals, on his/her Account that was not initiated by the User, the User shall immediately notify Market admins of this fact and follow the instructions sent by System. Otherwise, System reserves the right to freeze the Account until the end of investigation.

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